Creating a welcoming and diverse WordPress Cape Town community.

The issue of diversity and inclusion continues to be a concern in most tech spaces, and the WordPress community is no exception. Fortunately for WordPress communities all across the world, there are community members who are actively advocating and working to improve diversity and inclusion in WordPress. I had the opportunity to attend one of the workshops, which was designed to teach community members and organizers how to create diverse, inclusive, and welcoming spaces.

We believe that as a community, we can be a part of and gain much from advocating a diverse and inclusive community. The best aspect is that the workshops are completely freely accessible to anyone with an internet connection.  Find the workshop on this link: creating a welcoming and diverse space

The community organizers would appreciate your feedback and thoughts on this topic. We have created an anonymous form/ short survey you can submit to share your opinions and views on the subject. No personal information will be collected or shared with the organizers so please feel free to give us your honest opinion. Find the form here.

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