Bidding farewell to Hugh Lashbrooke – Thursday, 3 December at 11am

If you’ve been around the local WordPress community for any amount of time, you’ve met Hugh. He’s the guy in the WordPress t-shirt with the friendly smile, who is always available to answer a question, help with a problem, or point you to the person you are looking for.

As one of the leaders of our local WordPress community, as well as a sponsored Community Manager for the WordPress project, Hugh has been instrumental in growing the WordPress community in South Africa. If you’ve attended a meetup, do_action event, WordCamp, or just asked someone for help in Slack, you’ve been part of something Hugh was involved in.

Even in his Gravatar he is covered in WordPress logos!

Sadly, Hugh and his family will be moving to New Zealand this month, and we would like to send him off with a bang. So we’re having a small digital going away part for Hugh on Thursday the 3rd of December at 11am. We will share the Zoom URL in the WPSA #community slack on the day, to ensure that no one from the outside Zoom bombs this event.

If you’d like to bid Hugh a fond farewell, please book that time in your calendar, and join us. If you can’t make it, please feel free to leave your comments on this post, or in the #community channel in Slack.

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