Speaker Spotlight: Rob Hope

Capetonian Rob Hope, the man behind One Page Love, is going to be speaking about going niche – growth, monetization and traffic retention in a saturated market at our event. We found out from him why he started One Page Love and how things have worked out for him so far.

In the thick of the CSS gallery boom there was a new “Design Inspiration” resource launching weekly. CSS Mania, Web Creme, StyleBoost and more…

wordcamp-rob-01“Why didn’t I think of that”

“I should have launched something like this last year:

“They have first mover advantage”

“There are way too many similar sites”

Rob found himself frustrated in the client game while making countless excuses for not launching his own side project. Around this same time he was amazed at how clients would give him a half-page Word document and ask for a 5 page website.

This sparked off his curiosity for one page websites.

“Surely the message can be conveyed in one page?”

“Wouldn’t focusing on one page would actually force a client to just use the most relevant copy for a conversion?”

wordcamp-rob-02After several unsuccessful searches for one page inspiration, Rob identified a niche gap in a very saturated market of design inspiration resources. His love of simplicity combined with his new fascination for one page web design gave birth to “One Page Love” – a collection of beautifully designed one page websites.

Today One Page love is one of the most popular CSS galleries on the internet that boasts 6k daily visitors seeking one page design inspiration, templates, resources and more.

Rob tells us his story on he focused going niche, starting small and continuously improved based on reader feedback to grow the loyal following it has today.

wordcamp-rob-03He also talks about how advertising is not the only way to monetize and you need to focus on different “layers” of income streams. He tells us how consistency, quality and hard work are the key ingredients to growing your audience and increasing your market share.

By focusing on growing the readership, One Page Love has allowed Rob to quit web development work and now focus on his passion project full time.

If you want to hear about his lessons, tips and monetization strategies make sure you don’t miss Rob’s talk at this years WordCamp Cape Town!

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