A message from your MCs for the day…

Dear everyone (who is reading this),

Over the last few days & nights, we have both worked tirelessly to come up with a clever & creative way to make this announcement to all of you.

Being that this is the most important announcement we will quite likely make in our career, it is a decision we did not take lightly.


We came up with many different possible ways to make our statement, but in the end could only choose one. Here are several of our discarded ideas:

  • We considered hiring a hot-air balloon & flying over Camps Bay, shouting at everyone we saw sunbathing during the day when normal people should be at work.
  • We thought it might be a good idea to send a please-call-me to every single person in the phonebook for Cape Town (including the northern suburbs & Helderberg area).
  • We wanted to spray-paint our announcement on the ocean.
  • We wanted to tattoo our announcement on the forehead of a few prominent CT socialites/bloggers & have them be seen around town in the trendiest eateries imaginable, all the while dropping words like “craft”, “organic”, “cost-to-client” and “haberdashery”.

In the end, we just chose to make our announcement here, using the medium of typed words. So, here goes:

We, Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues, are proud to announce that we will be MCing WordCamp 2013 here in beautiful Cape Town. We cannot wait to meet all of you real-life internet nerds in person!

There, that felt good to finally say it out loud. See you all there! In the meantime, be sure to watch/re- watch/re-re-re-watch some of our comedy videos at youtube.com/wearethesundayblues


Nic & Gareth
Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues

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