Technical WordPress Lead at Digital Opportunity Trust

Digital Opportunity Trust South Africa (DOT SA) is looking for a WordPress technical lead to help build a Social Innovators Platform for South Africa. Our goal is to launch a safe, diverse community of like-minded young social innovators that enables a value exchange between peers and experienced social entrepreneurs. This is an exciting yet complex... Continue Reading →

eCommerce For WordPress Workshop

Code Saloon's ECommerce For WordPress Workshop will teach you everything you need to know to be able to add eCommerce to your WordPress site using WooCommerce! YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO: > Add different types of products > Set up payment methods, taxes and shipping > Customise your shop page > Manage your orders YOUR TICKET INCLUDES: >... Continue Reading →

This will be a full workshop all about adding eCommerce to your WordPress site using WooCommerce. I will show you how to add different types of products, setting up payment methods, taxes and shipping, customizing your shop page and managing your orders. Business is more digital than ever before, and having an online presence has... Continue Reading →

WordPress Workshop For Beginners

Code Saloon are at it again. We've had great success with the last 3 workshops and look forward to another successful workshop. For those looking at learning how to manage their WordPress site, or looking to get into WordPress, this is a great platform in which to do that. In this workshop you will learn... Continue Reading →

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