WordCamp Cape Town Novelty: Youth Camp

At WordCamp Cape Town, we like trying something new. Two years ago, we started getting a lot of volunteers from a few NGOs in Cape Town. Last year, we started with discussing the planning of the WordCamp publicly as much as possible. This year, in the wake of what WordCamp Lagos and others have done, we’ll be having a track dedicated to youth.

This track, taught by CODE4CT and CodeSpace, and mentored by Bottomup, will focus on introducing high-schoolers to the basics of WordPress websites. During the full-day workshop track, the attendees will work on their own project website, which they will present to the adults at the end of the day.

All of this will happen at WordCamp Cape Town 2018, on Friday, November 2. If you’re interested in participating or you know someone who might be, go to our website and sign up there!

One thought on “WordCamp Cape Town Novelty: Youth Camp

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  1. Excited about the beginning of this process for youth, teens and young adults with WordPress.
    Looking forward to potentially volunteering in the future virtually to provide some trainings and workshop
    for African youth. Helping youth, teens and young adults to blog can create dynamic content.
    You can check out our presentations on WordPress TV
    William Jackson https://wordpress.tv/?s=william%20jackson
    Aida Jackson https://wordpress.tv/?s=aida%20correa


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