Want to help build a new setup and management service for WordPress?

UPDATE – all available slots have been filled, thanks to everyone who showed interest.

HowMightWe is looking for WP users to help them build a new WordPress setup and management service.

“One of our clients is a hosting company that wants to make WordPress easier to setup and manage. We have some wireframes of a concept and we would like some fresh eyes to see if we’re not smoking our socks. We need 5 people in total over 2 days. We want people that know a little bit about WordPress but they don’t develop sites, or design sites for other people. (i.e. not WP professionals). We want they people that want a site of their own and want to use WordPress to create it. We could be wrong, but we are imagining that it would possibly be creative people with a small business, or freelancers wanting to showcase their work. They need to have at least touched or played with or know a bit about WordPress.”

Dates: 25-26 of April
Time: 1 hour slots through out the day. (8am-6pm)
Gift: R800 each

For more information or, to book your slot, contact Dirmu via her cell at 082 956 9946 or via email at dirmugouws@iafrica.com.

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