GROW! Students at WordCamp Cape Town 2016

For the last few years, we’ve always had visitors from RLabs’ GROW! Leadership Academy. Here are a few of their experiences.

Chante Petersen

“WordCamp 2016 took place at River Club in Observatory on the 9th of September and I was fortunate enough to attend. It was the first time that I attended the event and my experience is one to be remembered.

I’m not a designer or a coder, but WordCamp showed me how interesting it can be. The speakers were very passionate about what they were saying and that passion came across in their talks. It kept the crowd engaged and interested.

The talk that stood out the most for me was Leo Gopal’s. I enjoyed the message he was bringing across. I would definitely attend another WordCamp if I had the opportunity.”

Marlin Erasmus

Follow: @marlinerasmus

“I was very fortunate to have another great experience at WordCamp this year. I totally enjoyed most of the talks, but I couldn’t relate to the advice or features that involved programming as I’m not familiar with it.

The talks that I liked the most were the ones about Mental wellness by Leo Gopal and Rob Hope’s lightning talk about one-page sites. I was also very encouraged Konstantin Obenland on how was founded. The MCs were also very entertaining and I really enjoyed them thoroughly.”

Ilyaas Arendse

“I am really grateful for the opportunity that was afforded by the team to go to this year’s WordPress Wordcamp. It was really awesome getting to interact with other WordPress users, they taught me things about WordPress that I did not know.

I learnt about how they are constantly improving on the platform and how they are getting ready to release a new version of WordPress 4.7.

And from a WordPress user’s perspective I learnt about how people are using the platform to their advantage by becoming experts on WordPress and starting their own businesses of designing websites for companies, and how some use their blogs that they have created to express their feelings and help others that are in the same position as they are.

There is still so much more for me to learn and I intend to do just that.

On a lighter note; the food was the bomb. I am also really grateful that the food served at the event was Halal because being Muslim I am not permitted to eat any non-halal foods.

Overall the day was well spent and I would go again in a heartbeat.”

Sasha-lee Matthews

Follow: @SasheY_M

“This was not the first time I attended WordCamp and yet again it was another great experience.

I never knew that one could use WordPress to help the community and make a difference. I learnt about so many people who use their WordPress websites to make a difference.

I was so inspired by Leo Gopal’s talk on ‘Mental Wellness,the WordPress Community and You.’ He shared about how he could use WordPress and his story to impact people who were going through similar situations as himself. Because he was brave and shared his story, it inspired me to get back on my blog and also share my story to show people that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that things won’t be this way forever.


It then also got me thinking about buying myself a domain so that I can explore more of the plugins and themes that were spoken about. In addition, I got to meet very interesting people and tell them about the work I do.

I am really grateful to have gotten the opportunity to attend WordCamp 2016. It is definitely one for the books!”

Robin Jack

This was my first WordCamp experience. It was very fruitful for me, I took as much in as I could. I am amazed at all the things you could do with WordPress. It was amazing to hear about all the business ideas and how you can help out in your communities using WordPress.

The session that really got to me was the talk about mental awareness by Leo Gopal. That session gave me the most insight and allowed me to do some reflection on my own.
It was good hearing about people’s business plans and how they used the WordPress platform to go forward with their ideas.

It was definitely a great experience and I look forward to future WordCamps. Thank you.

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