Don’t miss Clickatell’s D-bug Duck @ Cape Town’s WordCamp!

D-Bug DuckIf you haven’t yet heard of the phenomenon that is D-Bug Duck, then where have you been? Discovered on a worldwide search by devs from Clickatell, this problem solving powerhouse in duck form is becoming the go-to advisor for devs in sticky situations around the world.

It seems that just by talking a problem through with D-Bug, devs are inevitably guided towards the solutions to even the most complicated coding problems. The feeling of satisfaction you get from solving a problem with his help is made ever sweeter by D-Bug’s silent, knowing stare.

At Clickatell, they love WordPress. They love its ease of use, its stability and its ubiquity and they’re all about open-source. Clickatell built their website and their intranet using WordPress, all under the ever-present guidance of D-Bug Duck himself. It’s safe to say that Clickatell is a big team of die-hard WordPress fans.

So be sure to come say hi to D-Bug Duck at WordCamp 2013, he probably won’t reply, but he never forgets a face. Follow him on his global travels at (Twitter and Tumblr)

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