There’s a lot of info on this page, but it’s all super important so please read through it all! Maybe print it out and stick it up on your office wall.

For starters, have a look at the general Participant’s Guide for do_action events – that will answer some of the basic questions, but the FAQ below will give you the rest of the info that you need for the online South African event. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to email to ask.

If you can no longer take part in the event, please email ASAP as we will need to find a replacement for your role.

So without further ado, here are all the questions you could (probably) ever hope to ask:

When and where is do_action South Africa 2020 happening?

Date: 1-14 June 2020
Time: Kicking off at 9am on 1 June
Venue: Your own computer!

How will the event be structured?

We will start with a group video call at 9:00, so please be ready by then. From there you will be working with your team on your website. Each team will have a dedicated channel in our Slack group (explained below) and can make use of the video call feature in the Slack group – you can use these areas to discuss the work and get things moving. Each team will set their own schedule for the week, with work wrapping up by the end of the day on the Sunday.

We are breaking the event up into two weeks with five of the non-profits being served the first week and the other five during the second week. Here is the breakdown of teams by week:

Week 1 (1-7 June 2020):
Friends of K9 Trust
Girls Matter
Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary
The Power of One
African Book Trust

Week 2 (8-14 June 2020):
Differently Abled Cricket Club
Khethiwe Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disabilities
Nurturing Orphans of AIDS for Humanity (NOAH)
Toy Library Association South Africa

During the course of the event, the organisations will receive training on how to use WordPress so that you can manage their sites effectively going forward.

How many people from the non-profit organisations will take part?

Each organisation will have 1-3 people taking part.

Who will I be working with?

As you would have seen when signing up, each team will have 7 members consisting of 1 Social Media Manager, 1 Content Manager, 1 Project Manager, 1 Designer, 2 Developers, and 1 Quality Assurance Tester (with one or two teams having an additional developer based on the work needed). You will be working together for the day as a team along with 1-3 representatives from your non-profit. Your Project Manager will get in touch with you before the event to discuss the plans for the day.

Will we be delivering anything other than a new website?

Along with the website, you will also be assisting your non-profit in setting up related online services as needed. This includes things like social media profiles, newsletter services, and donation platforms – it very much depends on what the organisation needs. You will also be educating your non-profit on how to use these services.

Will we have to install WordPress for the non-profit?

Before the day, we will set up the WordPress sites for you on xneelo‘s servers (they are sponsoring the hosting for all of the sites) – we will provide you with the FTP details as well as the WordPress login details at the start of the event. This means that when you get started you will be all ready to go with no setup time required.

Which WordPress theme(s) can I use?

You can use any free theme that you like (the WordPress Theme Directory is a good place to look). In addition to that our sponsors have provided the following premium themes that you can use free of charge:

We will update this list as we get more theme sponsors on board.

Ideally, you would decide as a team which theme you will be using prior to the day if possible.

Which WordPress plugin(s) can I use?

You can use any free plugin that you like (the WordPress Plugin Directory is a good place to look and will cover most of your needs), In addition to that our sponsors have provided the following premium plugins that you can use free of charge:

We will update this list as we get more plugin sponsors on board.

If there’s a specific piece of functionality that you’re looking for then we’d happily recommend some free plugins that you can use (so don’t hesitate to ask), but you’re welcome to use any free ones that you like.

I know a really great paid-for theme/plugin that I think will really benefit the non-profit – can I use that?

If you would like to use a premium (paid-for) theme or plugin then you can do so if you wish, but in those cases the non-profit will need to pay for it and you will need to make it clear to them what they will be paying for and why. We would strongly advise against this, however, as almost all the premium solutions you find will have some kind of free alternative that will suit the use case just as well. I’d be happy to chat through these situations with you in order to find the best solution for your non-profit that doesn’t involve them paying anything extra.

If there’s a premium plugin or theme that you really want to use, then let us know before the event and we’ll see if we can get a sponsorship from them.

How will we do all of this in one week?!

That’s a fair question. In order to be the most effective on the day you need to, firstly, prepare yourselves before the event as a team and make some high-level decisions about themes, plugins, etc. Secondly, you need to focus on the important things – don’t spend half your week deciding which theme to use, or if the sidebar should be on the left or right, or what font the headings should be. You are working on a solution that will help your non-profit boost their reach and effectiveness, not trying to create the hottest new site with pixel-perfect design. That’s just something to bear in mind as you work through the week.

What can I do to prepare for the event?

Communicate with your team and make sure you know what your job is for the week.

Email isn’t the most productive way to make plans – do you have a live chat platform for us to use?

All participants are required to join the WordPress South Africa Slack group by filling in their email address on this page. This Slack group is a free platform where you can live chat with other WordPress users from across the country. We have set up a room for each team to use before and during the event – you will find it in the Slack group prefixed with #doaction- and followed by the name or acronym of the organisation. You can even use it to share ideas and files with each other more quickly. There is also a more general #doaction channel in the Slack group that you all need to join as well.

We will also have an open video chat room for each team to use throughout the event for real-time communication alongside Slack.

What if the site is not completed during the week of do_action?

If your site is not completed during the week, then you need to discuss with your non-profit rep how you will be completing the site after the event.

Will the non-profit receive technical support for their site after the event?

During the event, the non-profit reps will receive WordPress training, and they will also be provided with complete access to the WP101 videos after the event – this should enable them to effectively manage their sites themselves. Additionally, we have partnered with Johannesburg-based We Manage Your Site, who will be providing hands-on WordPress support for all of the non-profits going forward.

If you have any additional questions, please email to ask.