NGO Hosting Order Form

Aside from having a team of extremely talented people build your website for you, the actual hosting of your website will be fully sponsored (for life!) by Hetzner. We work with them every year for do_action and their service as a web host is absolutely top notch – the Master hosting package that they are giving you would normally cost R439 per month, so this sponsorship is definitely something to value.

Something to take note of, however, is that while Hetzner sponsors your hosting they do not sponsor the domain name costs for your site (your domain name is the actual web address that you use, e.g. “”). This is not a huge concern though as the cost for your domain name is only about R100 – R200 per year and is not a monthly cost. Hetzner will register the domain name for you and sort out all of the admin, but your organisation will be responsible for that (relatively minor) fee. If you already have a domain name then you can continue to use the one that you already own and you can transfer it to Hetzner for them to manage.

In order to get the hosting set up for you, Hetzner requires a small amount of info from you. To provide them with that info – please fill in this form, but take note of these details on how to fill it in (as you can ignore some sections).

Here’s the direct URL to the form PDF:

You need to fill in the following sections – if a section is not mentioned here then you can ignore it:

Account Owner Details

This will be the details of the individual person (either you or someone else at your organisation) who will be the administrative contact for your Hetzner account.

Domain Owner Details

This will be the details of your organisation, so it must be filled in as such.

STEP 4: Order or Transfer a Domain

There are 2 options here, depending on your need:

  • You are registering a new domain name: Tick the “Domain Registration” box
  • You are transferring your existing domain name to Hetzner: Tick the “Please assist with my transfer” box

STEP 5: Choose a Domain name

Fill in your domain name (e.g. ““). If you have an existing domain name then fill that in, otherwise fill in what you would like your domain name to be. You can ignore the “Sub-domain” box.

Debit Order Details

Fill in the banking details for the account that will be debited annually for the cost of your domain name – this will most likely be the account details for your organisation.


Once you have filled in all of those sections then date and sign the document at the bottom and then send it to us by replying to this email with the completed form attached. You do not need to fax it as it says on the form – please rather email it back to us at

Here’s the link to the form again.

You’ll find more information here, but we need to get these forms back from you ASAP so Hetzner can start setting things up on your behalf. Please fill them in and email them back as soon as you can!

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