What’s happening in the Cape Town WordPress Community

New Meetup Venue

In case you missed it, we recently moved our monthly meetups to a new venue at Miteri co-working space in Salt River.

If you haven’t been to a meetup recently, this is a great time to stop by. The new venue has a really relaxed atmosphere (the bean bags help) and is a great space for getting to meet your fellow WordPress users.

If you want to be notified of new meetup events, make sure to join our Meetup group.

Our amazing sponsors

Our monthly meetups could not happen without the amazing support of our sponsors. Hetzner, Payfast, uAfrica and WeGlot have all come on board this year as meetup sponsors. So the next time you’re at a meetup, enjoying some snacks, refreshments or a comfy bean bag chair, these are the folks to thank.

Do Action

In case you missed it, the WordPress community of Cape Town recently held it’s 6th do_action event, building websites for non-profits and NGOs. This is one of the highlights of the WordPress Cape Town calender, and we look forward to seeing the live websites that were built.

WordCamp Cape Town

The other big event on the calendar for this year is WordCamp. Now celebrating it’s 10th anniversary, WordCamp Cape Town is about the best way to experience WordPress and it’s community. This year we’re at a new venue, right on the beach, so bring your towel and sunscreen and join us for two full days of WordPress.

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